Last updated: Winter 2009 

Spring 2008

State Cup

State Play: Galaxy defeated STAF Eagles in the State Cup Semi-Final match, winning 2-0. Galaxy advanced to Regionals as a Wild Card despite a tough loss in an exciting final match against the Rockets. In the final, Galaxy trailed 2-1, but began to play exceptionally well in the final ten minutes, missing several opportunities to tie. The game finished with a two-person corner and a pass to the Galaxy's leading scorer to set up a 1v1 against the keeper. The keeper made the save to finish the game. Regional Play: At Regionals, the team played extremely well in the first half of each match even playing without star defender Callan Elswick (International Health Organization internship in Australia) and speedy forward Gretchen Wendlberger (Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary in Hawaii). Morgan, Michaeline, Leigh, and Evan dominated the midfield of each game and Betsy, Jenny, Julia, and Mary Carter made effective runs up top. Kristi and Lauren played the entire tournament at central defense. Leigh started several games at defense and played fabulous, making one superb save in the final game. Although the starting crew never gave up a goal and scored several, the team gave up late goals in each each game and dropped two of three. Coach Joe attributed his substitution pattern as the cause for not leaving with at least two wins, but loved the opportunity to work with such a fine group of stars.

Spring 2007

Tournament Play

Jefferson Cup

SYC Galaxy 1 - Baltimore Bays 0; SYC Galaxy 0 - WASA Ambassadors, OH 2; SYC Galaxy 2 - PFC Coppa Crunch 0. Recap: Galaxy finished with six points. WASA advanced with seven points and won the Championship Match.

League Play

A majority of the team opted to play WAGS during their final semester of high school. More than twenty college visits and ten injuries made the numbers thin until the final game of the season. The Majestics provided four very good players: Danila Cariello, Shaina Duecaster, Evan Feldman, and Brittany Hazel. Galaxy started the season 0-2-1, then won the rest to finish third. The highlight of the season was a win with only nine players caused in part by a 70 yard shot from Marika that went over the opposing keeper (the team started with 11, but Kelsey and Kari had concussions). The most forgettable game was a 5-0 loss to Rockets, playing without Marika, Jenny, and Morgan (sprained ankles from their high school games) and Taylor (stress fracture), Kari (sick), Gretchen (deep thigh bruise), Michaeline (track), and Jill (prom). Evan played with a separated shoulder and both keepers played field. Still the game looked good until a couple back passes (by a newly appointed sweeper) went awry.

Fall 2006

Tournament Play

State Cup

SYC Galaxy 0 - BRYC Fury 3

Summary. Fury scored two quick goals. Team had trouble developing flow as several players never seemed to relax. Whomp was injured late in the second half and the defense gave up a third goal soon after.

SYC Galaxy 5 - ROAN Star 1

Recap: Tough, challenging game in the first half against 5th seed Roanoke Star. Amy, Jill, Whomp, and Coles kept the opponents from developing any serious opportunities, while Morgan, Gretchen, and Michaeline worked hard to keep control in the middle. In the second half, Marika and Jenny both scored within minutes of each other. Roanoke continued to play very aggressive and tough even after the score was 4-0. #24 of Roanoke scored on a nice play -- with her back to the goal, she leaped up and flicked on a direct kick. Galaxy added a fifth goal soon after.

SYC Galaxy 4 - SOCA Storm 0

Recap: 4-0 State Cup match Saturday. The defense had another shutout with Amy Weber and Jill King defending a talented forward (#5 - Amy Hemenway) on the state ODP team. Former ABGC coach Bob Barber stopped by and noted Jill's tackle against #12 of the opposing team was the best tackle he has ever seen. Scoring summary. Becca scored first, Julia had a goal called back (her header somehow touch her hand as it left her head), but then put in another goal. Jenny Taylor scored after a couple of nice passes. Taylor Johnson scored the fourth goal after a nice move and dribble and well-placed shot. Becca had another goal called back on an off-side call..

WAGS Tournament

Because of heavy rain, games were canceled and the format changed to a round robin. The defense was fantastic again with two shutouts and no real dangerous chances.

Galaxy 1 - Albertson Fury Lazio 0. Recap: With Coles and Marika absent, team went to a new lineup; started slow during first minute and half but then developed a flow. Morgan scored on a nice diagonal pass from Kelsey. Galaxy was unable to score again as opposing keeper made a nice save on a shot by Gretchen and several times challenged Becca quickly to cut down the shooting angle on through diagonal passes to cause several shots to miss inches wide. Galaxy 3 - Michigan Hawks Red 0. Recap: Marika, Michaeline, and Taylor scored on Monday with Becca getting one assist and Jenny getting two.

Bethesda Thanksgiving Tournament

Galaxy won Bracket. Because of rain only two games were played. The defense was again excellent with two shutouts and allowed no scoring opportunities.

Galaxy 3 - MCSC Twisters 0. Recap: With two starters coming off illnesses, the team looked sluggish in the first half. The defense stepped up, allowing no scoring chances even though the ball was in the defensive half much of the first half. With some lineup changes, the play was in the opponents half during the second half. Galaxy 2 - Kirkwood Phantoms 0. Recap: The defense again snuffed out any attempt for the opponents to score.

VCCL Showcase

Because keepers had no saves in the WAGS Tournament or Bethesda Tournament, the team opted to enter this tournament with only a handful of players. Galaxy combined with U-16 WAGS Div 5 Xplosion. Interestingly, the play of the young players had little impact on the score. Galaxy lost the first game 2-0 to Va Rush. A late driver caused the team to start w/nine field players; gave up 2 goals in ten mins. After full strength, the team dominated, but couldn't put the ball in the net. On Sunday, injuries left the team with only four healthy Galaxy players. Again the young players were excellent. The combination of Michaeline, Gretchen, and U-15 star Casey Vornadore, gave Galaxy full control of the middle. Although dominating field position, referee decisions led to the final 3-0 score, taking away one goal and giving three. The recap of the three goals is at the very bottom of the page. :)

League Play

SYC Galaxy 1 - SYA Freedom 0 and Galaxy 4 - LMV Patriots 0

Recap. Because of State Cup conflicts both games were played on Nov 5. In the first game, Galaxy dominated the first half, doing well to pass effectively on a very rough field. Despite many chances, the team scored only once in the first half, hitting the bar and post and sending several shots inches too high. In the second half, each team was able to create about four chances down their respective right side; Callan, left-mid, had left the game with an ankle sprain and Taylor played injured (she was later diagnosed with a broken foot). In the second game, the team played on perfect turf, and moved the ball around with precision passing. The passing led to open shots for Becca and Marika who each scored twice.

SYC 2 - Laurel Wildcats 2 and SYC Galaxy 1 - BETH Blast 2

Oct 22. Homecoming events left the team shorthanded. Fortunately, the opponents seemed to have the same problem. In the first game, Galaxy used passing and possession to twice create one goal leads, but twice gave away goals on pass-backs when players slipped on the wet field. Alex scored the first goal and then just missed when a second shot hit the left post. Jenny and Michaeline combined for a second goal. In the second game, both teams started with ten players. With a strong wind behind them, Blast scored two goals off errant clearing kicks and some super hustle. Morgan scored for Galaxy with a nice fake shot, cut to her left and well placed pass shot into the corner.

SYC Galaxy 2 - MCSA Majestics 1

Recap: Very exciting game. Good first half play by opponents made it difficult to develop a good flow. Galaxy did not convert on the few good 1st half chances, though Becca was robbed of a goal when Julia dribbled to the goal line and passed back to Becca for the shot into the net (AR improperly called Becca off-side because the pass was from the goal line and Becca was behind the ball). In the second half, Galaxy finally developed a possession game and created 3 shots in the first 3 mins while moving the ball around using all eleven players. Galaxy scored after five mins keeping the ball on the grass while passing from left front (Jenny) to the back (Callan) to Whomp, up to Julia, back to Taylor, forward to Michaeline who passed hard toward Marika who dummied the ball to allow it to continue to Gretchen who two touched it past her defender and shot into the net. The game became exciting after an unwise red card (referee gave Galaxy a direct kick after a foul but ejected victim for an inappropriate remark). Majestics scored a tying goal soon after using a very nice penetrating dribble and passback to a trailing midfielder. Galaxy adjusted to the ten player system and took more offense chances; the team scored the winning goal using nice diagonal passes: Jill-Morgan-Julia-shot/save-punt-Morgan-Alex-long kick to Marika-Jenny-Marika-Michaeline-Marika-shot/blocked/long rebound to Julia-long cross to Morgan-Michaeline flick on header to Marika who scored. Special kudos to the defense for adjusting their play with a man down allowing the midfield to take chances on offense.

SYC Galaxy 1 - VIST United 1

Recap: Another tough game following a very tough State Cup game against Roanoke Star. Vista scored first off a corner kick that was actually well defended; after the keeper called for the ball, #6 hustled and cut between two tall Galaxy players and got part of her shoulder on the ball and deflected it into the goal. Vista played very tight defense, almost man-to-man. In the second half, Galaxy tried to break down the defense with dribbling but missed too many opportunities. Jenny scored after receiving a nice pass from Becca, dribbled toward goal and chipping over the keeper. Marika had a nice passing shot that seemed to hit a lump of grass as it bounced inches to the right of the post.

SYC Galaxy 0 - STAF Eagles 1

Recap: Playing without three center-mids (Morgan injury, Michaeline college visit, and Gretchen sick), the coach made a number of adjustments, but team looked flat. The Eagles never really threatened until Whomp left with a back injury in the second half. After the Eagles scored, the speed of play picked up, but then the Eagles' defense stepped up to block shot after shot. The keeper made three fantastic saves on shots by Marika from 10-20 yards out. Julia hit the right post twice on shots from the left side. The loss was the first WAGS loss in 12 games.

SYC Galaxy 5 - ARL Flash 0

Recap: Taylor started the scoring with a perfectly placed shot to the right corner of the net. Becca added a second goal with a two touch receive and left foot shot to the right corner just inside the post. Jill placed the cross capping a nice pass sequence. Marika drilled a bullet into the upper left corner for a 3-0 lead. Marika was filling in at center-midfield and converted on nice pass back from Jenny. GK Alex Traughber scored the fourth goal while playing forward. She hustled for a rebound after the opposing keeper had just made two excellent point-blank saves, then placed a perfect passing shot inside the post. Becca added a fifth goal with a nice chip that floated over the keeper and under the bar.

Tournament Play

PWSI Toys for Tots

Because more than half the team played summer soccer and two or more summer camps, the team entered only one fall preseason tournament. Tropical Storm Ernesto struck the area and the tournament was reduced to only the preliminary games, with 17 minute halves, and games played on Monday. The schedule change caused several conflicts, but the team did fairly well in their preseason warm-up with a small roster.

Galaxy 0 - FASA 0. Recap: Some issues with fitness and passing accuracy, but lots of great play. Team had opportunities, including one created by a great pass by Callan to Gretchen to Marika to beat the keeper. Amy shifted from the weak side to make a great save on FASA's best opportunity. Galaxy 3 - Flash 0. Recap: Michaeline scored the first two goals. The first goal resulted from a great pass by Callan who faced a double team, but beat the defense with a quick move and heel pass to Michaeline. With one player to beat, Michaeline used a quick cut and her speed to beat the defender and go to goal. The second goal started in the back with a nice tackle by Jill, followed by a quick transition to attack switching the field to the left side, with a nice move by Jenny, followed by a fake shot, then pass to Michaeline who drilled it. The third goal was a nice dribble by Marika through five defenders. Galaxy 1 - Hotshots 1. Recap: Despite missing Amy, Marika, and Morgan, the team played very well against a very good team. Galaxy took the first shot after 1:28 and then scored later in the half. First goal by Callan with an assist from Michaeline. The goal scored from a quickly execuited 9-pass, passing sequence, starting with Coles. Coles reloaded to Whomp, who passed to the outside to Julia who dribbled toward the center, passing to the right to Becca who placed a one-touch pass back to the left side to Jenny who was making a sprint down the left flank. Jenny beat one defender, then used Michaeline for a wall pass, then passed back to Michaeline again. Michaeline made a nice fake and drilled a cross to Callan who finished the play by putting the ball in the net. [Coles-Whomp-Julia-Becca-Jenny-Michaeline-Jenny-Michaeline-Callan]. Hotshots scored late in the first half on a poorly executed off-side trap that left a forward behind the line. Alex defended well, but a nice shot was placed in the only open spot.

Summer 2006

Virginian - Champions

The scores were 2-0, 4-0, 1-2, 2-0, and 2-1 (Final). Games were played in very hot weather on the beautiful fields at George Mason University. SYC Galaxy 2 - Cincinnati Cup Red 0. Recap: Becca volleyed a waist high cross from Marika into the goal to open the scoring. Marika scored the second goal, while the defense shut down a strong Cup team. SYC Galaxy 4 - HBC Tornadoes 0. Recap: The defense again scored a shutout. SYC Galaxy 1 - Wildcats '88 2. Marika opened the scoring with a fake pullback move and a driven bullet from 25 yards out into the upper corner. Wildcats scored two second half goals, including a nice header off a corner kick to come back to win. SYC Galaxy 2 - SWYA Freedom 0. The Freedom looked stronger defensively with former Pride keeper Alex Traughber as she blocked 1v1 shots from both Jenny Taylor and Marika Gray early in the game. Sam opened the scoring with a one-touch volley from a cross. SYC Galaxy 2 - Wildcats '88 1. Wildcats scored first on a bending corner kick that curved into the upper far post corner. Galaxy passed the ball extremely well to try to penetrate a stingy Wildcat defense. Becca tied the game with two quick moves to get a small opening for a 35 yard bullet to the far post. Morgan Benz scored the winning goal five minutes into the second half as she pushed up from center-mid to take a one-touch volley off a long cross.

Spring 2006

League Play

The Galaxy won their second consecutive Spring Div 1 Title with an undefeated record.

SYC Galaxy 3 - RFC United 0

Recap: Sam Stocker opened the scoring with the first goal as the Galaxy scored three goals in the first half. RFC and SYC were both hampered by bumpy field conditions and high winds. The RFC goalie made several excellent saves as she took on Jenny and Marika 1v1 to save goals.

SYC Galaxy 5 - TSC Lady Thunder 2

Recap: Marika had scored in 25 consecutive games prior to Saturday's game against FRED. She immediately made up for the previous days shutout by scoring five goals with nice assists from Michaeline, Callan, Gretchen, and Jenny. Marika, Sam, Callan, and Jenny each had excellent moves to goal that were saved by the TSC goalkeeper. In Spring 2004 and 2005, Galaxy split games with TSC, which were the only WAGS losses for those seasons. This year, TSC played intense until the final whistle and was the only team to score two goals against the Galaxy.

SYC Galaxy 0 - FRED United 0

Recap: Because of illness and college visits, the team played with one sub on the quick Greensprings village field. Despite the heat and lack of any defensive subs, the team dominated defensively and set up numerous excellent opportunities, but failed to finish, including two passing sequences that beat the goalkeeper but led to misses on easy pass-ins. The team continued to pressure to the end but could never convert.

SYC Galaxy 4 - GHSC Lightning 0

Recap: Initially it appeared that the long, narrow field with short goals (7' instead of 8') might hurt Galaxy as Michaeline broke through the defense twice and laid off passes to both Jenny and Marika who took shots that were about 7'6". Gretchen had a shot that hit the goalie and deflected and stood on the goal line for an eternity (okay, 1.5 seconds) and a GHSC player cleared the ball a half second before Galaxy players converged at the goal. On the other end, GHSC had a number of throw-ins during the first twenty minutes. Brittany had one of her best halves as she aggressively fought through the crowd to win three throw-ins tossed into the box. The defenders played well to avoid further throw-ins. Offensively, Marika broke through to score two goals on assists from Gretchen and Kelsey (Kelsey's kick to Marika was set up by Jenny, who totally fooled a GHSC player with a nice move; JT was then blatantly tripped -- opponent received a yellow card and Kelsey took the direct kick). Shortly after, Julia took a pass from Michaeline and dribbled straight to goal and drilled a left foot shot at the goalie; she took her own rebound and placed a soft right foot shot into the right corner. Coles (yes Tung, it was Coles), scored our fourth goal when the opponents attempted to clear a corner. Coles placed the ball just over the defense, into the upper left corner. Despite the rough surface, there was some excellent passing, including some longer pass sequences in the second half. The team's passing caused GHSC to move away from attempting to double team and try to just prevent penetrating dribbles and passes.

SYC Galaxy 5 - BETH Havoc 1

Recap: Jenny had two goals and at least two assists. On the large Bull Run field the team used passing to create lanes to the goal. Marika played the first half despite a deep thigh bruise and scored two goals while the defense held the opponents scoreless. The midfielders had chances to score with Morgan, Gretchen, Julia, and Sam each getting shots within inches of the frame. Jenny created at least one of Marika's first half goals, assisted Eleni's goal and scored two of her own. Jenny broke through the defense twice with moves and quickness and then chipped the goalie both occasions for her goals. Jenny then beat the defense to create our fifth goal by taking the Goalie to the left side of the goal and then laying off a ball to Eleni in front of the goal. The defense was near perfect.

SYC Galaxy 5 - STAF Eagles 1

Recap: Morgan scored the lone first half goal. Marika added a goal, Jenny had two, and Sam had the fifth goal on a nice passing sequence that left her open on the far post. She buried Marika's pass. Callan was robbed of a goal. Callan was called offside on a goal she scored from a beautiful run in which she was both behind the ball and 5 yards behind the last defender when Michaeline slotted a pass to space ahead of her.

SYC Galaxy 4 - BETH Havoc 1

Recap: Jamie opened the scoring after Sam stripped the ball from an opponent passed to Jamie as she overlapped on the outside and placed a 45 yard shot over the goalkeeper. Marika added two goals and Sam added one goal. The team's impressive 9 game shutout streak came to an end. The weather was absolutely miserable, 42 degrees and raining with a wind-chill of 35. Brittany (GK) and every defender (Whomp, Amy, Kelsey, Michelle, and Jamie) had a strong game.

SYC Galaxy 0 - RFC United 0

Recap: Because of high school playing time the prior evening, and exremely rough field conditions, Coach Joe opted to rest 3 of the team's 4 forwards (Marika, Eleni, and Becca). Jenny played nearly the entire game and created three almost opportunities on the bumpy surface with moves and nice passes to split the defense for Sam. The RFC goalkeeper was spectacular at reading the play and each time arrived at the ball before any decent shot could occur. RFC had a similar pass split the Galaxy defensive back line, but Brittany came out strong to take away the angle and blocked the resulting shot. Both teams defenders were extremely effective.


PWSI Icebreaker Champions (4-0)

Recap: Great performance without central defenders Angie Rey and Whomp as the team finished their second consecutive tournament without giving up a goal. Michaeline Nelson and Coles Ide played as the central defenders for most of the tournament. Stellar job by Marika Gray as she scored 7 more goals during the weekend, giving her a total of at least 15 goals in 10 days (she scored the lone goal for Hayfield High School in their game against highly rated Chantilly High School and the lone goal in Hayfield's 1-0 win over a strong South County team.). See Notes page for more high school highlights.

Final: SYC Galaxy 1 - TriValley Eagles, MA 0

Recap: Marika scored the winning goal on a nice pass from Jenny Taylor which concluded a quick five pass sequence. The midfielders played excellent against a talented TriValley squad. Callan Elswick and Michaeline Nelson had a huge impact. Both are juniors from the U-18 Nova Premier Pride (won WAGS Div 1 championship in both Spring and Fall 2005) who have transferred to Galaxy.

SYC Galaxy 2 - Walkill 0 Recap: Jenny scored on a nice assist from Becca. Marika scored on a slotted pass, and just missed a second goal on a drive off the top bar. The defense did not allow a goal.

SYC Galaxy 2 - TSC Lady Thunder 0 Recap: This game may be best summed up by the words of a college coach attending, "that's some of the best soccer I've seen; quick play, excellent skill, good movement off the ball, and tough defense." Although TSC did not win a game in the tournament, they looked good. It's clear that Denis Krupa has done an excellent job with the team in both improved play and sportsmanship. A number of TSC players stood out with positive performances.

SYC Galaxy 2 - North Union United 0 Recap: Galaxy missed a half dozen shots with Julia, Jenny, and Marika all missing by inches. Marika finally put Galaxy on the board. Brittany made a super save to against a United player who timed a perfect run to reach a slotted ball behind the back line. Marika added another goal to put the game out of reach.

Baltimore Bays March Madness Champions (4-0)

Recap: Great performance by all players. The defenders completed the tournament without giving up a goal.

Final: SYC Galaxy 1 - GHSC Lightning 0

Recap: GHSC has a player with a monster throw-in who can reach far post. In the first half, with the wind, GHSC was able to toss five or six throw-ins deep into the box, but all were effectively cleared. Marika scored the only goal in the first half while GHSC had a strong prevailing wind. In the second half, Galaxy had the wind and GHSC never threatened. However, despite constant pressure on GHSC's defense, the team could not put another ball past the defenders. The Lightning roster changes appear to have made the team faster and more athletic.

Semi-final: SYC Galaxy 1 - Eastchester Patriots, NY (east) 0. Recap: Good possession with Gretchen and Sam playing centermid and Jill and Julia on the outsides. Marika scored the lone goal. The defenders closed down the opponents.

Preliminary Games: SYC Galaxy 2 - Delta FC, MA 0; SYC 2 - SAC Celtic 0. Recap: Very cold and windy. The players maintained possession keeping the ball on the ground and creating numerous opportunities. Marika showed her athleticism as she scored four goals on the day. Becca set up two of the goals with great passes and just missed a number of shots, including two one-touch volleys.

Winter 2005/2006 Tournaments

Semi-Finalists, Orange Classic, Orange 1 Division

Recap: Played in Orange 1 Division (2 of 10 U-17G Divisions). Led 1-0 in Semi-final. Gave up a goal in final minute of 3 minute injury period. Lost on PK's. Would have played Beach Majix in the Final.

Semi-Final: Richmond Hill, Canada 2 (pks) - SYC Galaxy 1

Recap: Very well played game. Richmond Hill looked stronger in the first half, and Galaxy looked stronger in the second half. Jill King and Sam combined for the lone score in regular play. In the final minute, the referee informed both coaches there would three minutes of injury time. A Richmond Hill player somehow got a long shot off through a triple-team and hit the upper right corner to tie the game in the final minute of injury time. Richmond Hill advanced after converting 4/5 pk's (Galaxy hit only 2/4).

Preliminary Games: SYC Galaxy 1 - RVC Nightmares, NY 0; SYC Galaxy 2 - NOVI Jaguars, MI 2; SYC Galaxy 3 - AJAX United Eclipse, Canada 3

Recap: Galaxy played well each game, winning the first game and taking a 2-0 lead in the second game. Needing a tie in the third game, the team fell behind 2-0, before scoring three straight goals.

Raleigh CASL Showcase (1-1-1)

Recap: Another great performance, with super passing and defense.

SYC Galaxy 0 - Penns Forest Nighthawks 0; Silverbacks NW, GA 1 - SYC Galaxy 0; SYC Galaxy 2 - Brookfield Red 1

Recap: In the Friday game, Galaxy played without Jenny and Marika because of school conflicts. The defense and midfield played excellent; Penns Forest never had a scoring opportunity. Becca and Whomp each had shots against the goalie, but Whomp put her shot just wide and Becca drove her shot into the top bar. The second game was impressive as the Galaxy created several scoring chances against a very tough opponent, but other than a direct kick, never allowed a scoring opportunity. Given the showcase nature of the event, the referee calls/scores were not as important as playing well. However, throughout the tournament the referees and their calls were superb, with one exception that led to the Silverbacks' goal; Angie collided with a Silverback player as Angie cleared a ball. The referee called a foul-not sure why-and gave the Silverbacks a direct kick from 50 yards away. The Silverbacks took a shot on goal and the kicker drove a monster shot off the top bar-they scored with a one-touch volley on the deflection off the bar. In the third game, Gretchen and Sam scored the two goals for Galaxy. Both goals resulted from a series of quick passes and a take-on move to beat the final defender and goal-keeper.

Fall 2005

League Play


Galaxy decisively won Div 1 last season with more goals scored than the next three teams combined. After picking up two talented players over the summer, Galaxy was easily the top choice to win Div 1 again this Fall. The team started the season with seven players missing and lost three of four league games (and one of two State Cup games). Despite the slow start the team healed quickly and finished strong. What would have been the battle for first place against RFC United never took place because the team suffered their first ever forfeit because the playing cards did not arrive on time for the weeknight makeup. Huge accolades for RFC as they were willing to waive the 15 minute rule and let the referee check the cards at halftime, however, an R&D member present at the game ruled that the rule could not be waived.

SYC Galaxy - GRFL Strikers

Recap: The Oct 30th game against GRFL Strikers was not played because their team Captain, Vanessa Pean, was killed in a car accident that morning. The game was not rescheduled because it would have served no purpose. The Galaxy's early forfeit to RFC prevented them from winning the Division and GRFL's attempt to make-up one of their two remaining games resulted in a 6-0 loss to SWYA.

SYC Galaxy 2 - RFC United 1, RFC United 3-0 forfeit

Recap: Galaxy lost on a forfeit in one game and won the other. In the win, Galaxy took a 2-0 first half lead with two goals by Marika Gray. The midfield looked superb with Betsy, Sam, and Morgan played super possession in the middle and Gretchen and Julia controlling the outside. RFC played a fast, skilled game and pressured the ball for the entire 90 minutes.

SYC Galaxy 5 - PWSI Courage 0

Recap: The team was finally full strength with Whomp and Kelsey returning to the lineup.

SYC Galaxy 1 - POT Havoc 2

Recap: In two matches in Spring league, Galaxy prevailed by identical 4-1 scores, however, in this match, defensive injuries (see 2nd paragraph below) again played a role in the outcome. Two defensive fouls by a newly annointed defender led to scores off direct kicks. The Galaxy offense connected passes, took shots, and threatened throughout the game but could not get more than one ball into the net. Sam scored the lone goal.

SYC Galaxy 2 - GRFL Strikers 0

Recap: Amy Weber returned to the lineup. Although the game was nearly all offensive, Amy's return provided an excellent demonstration of how important skilled defenders are to effective offense.

SYC Galaxy 1 - POT Havoc 2

Recap: In two matches in Spring league, Galaxy prevailed by identical 4-1 scores, however, in this match, defensive injuries (see 2nd paragraph below) again played a role in the outcome. Two defensive fouls by a newly annointed defender led to scores off direct kicks. The Galaxy offense connected passes, took shots, and threatened throughout the game but could not get more than one ball into the net. Sam scored the lone goal.

SYC Galaxy 3 - PWSI Courage 0

SYC Galaxy 1 - SWYA Freedom 2, SYC Galaxy 1 - SWYA Freedom 3

Recap: Missing defenders* played a key role in these two losses that looked like mirror images. Galaxy led 1-0 in the first half of each game. Freedom played aggressive defense and kicked long at almost every opportunity, waiting to take advantage of any mistakes. Two misplays by newly conscripted defenders led to two set plays that led to 2 goals. In the second game, Freedom stuck with their winning long kick strategy and again scored from three second half long kicks. *Team Captain and central defender/sweeper, Whomp Edgington (dislocated kneecap), fullback Kelsey Worth, a member of the Puerto-Rican National team (severe ankle sprain), senior fullback and team Captain, Eleni Katsiotis (back strain), star defender Amy Weber (knee strain), and speedster (runs 4.6 40) defender/midfielder Liz Gartzke (accepted to U.S. Capitol Page School).

Tournament Play

Sun Cup U-19 Champions Divisions Finalists

SYC Galaxy 1 - U-18 PWSI Cardinal 2 (4-2 Pks)

Recap: Very hot day, but great performance without central defenders Angie Rey and Whomp, and star fullback Amy Weber. Game ended with 1-1 tie. Cardinal hit 4 Pk's in a row after missing their first Pk. Galaxy led 1-0 after the first round, but Cardinal's renowned goalie, Mary Casey, made a beautiful diving save after guessing correctly on Michelle's driven shot to the corner. Galaxy missed one other Pk.

Semi-final SYC Galaxy 2 - Beach FC Majix 1 Recap: Two goals by Marika gave Galaxy a 2-0 lead. Morgan Benz had a key assist on the second goal. Majix scored on a nice shot and had a chance to tie on a corner kick to end the game, however, Kelly Scrivener had a nice save. Preliminary Games: SYC Galaxy 2 - U-18 Team America Spirit 0. Excellent play against the former State Cup champions. SYC Galaxy 1 - U-18 Reston Rovers 0. Recap: Goal by Becca Grady.

Summer 2005

For the second consecutive summer Galaxy combined to play up a year with WAGS Champions STER Pride. The team traveled to U.Va. in late June to play their elite squad and won 1-0, in an action packed game played at high pace. The team also won the U-19 Division of the Baltimore Bays College Showcase at the end of July with a key 1-0 win over Arlington Extreme. The team also had wins against Medford Shockers, Baltimore Bays 88, and York United Impact by respective scores of 3-0, 3-1, and 3-1. The team held a joint camp in August with scrimmages every evening.

Spring 2005

League Play 8-1-0

SYC Galaxy 3 - CSC Celtic 0

Recap: Very hot day. Becca started the scoring with a driven shot from a waist-high pass. Marika added a third goal using superb dribbling skills to beat two defenders and the goalie.

SYC Galaxy 4 - TSC Lady Thunder 0, SYC Galaxy 0 - TSC Lady Thunder 1

Recap: Galaxy played TSC twice this weekend. In the first game, three midfielders were missing, because of injury and because the rain make-up date for Northern Virginia High School District finals conflicted. Despite the absence of players, Galaxy had the better position and superior shots, but gave up the only goal of the game on a corner kick. On Sunday, the team rebounded with a dominating 4-0 win. The team developed a nice passing tempo and varied the attack, sometimes with three quick passes to get a shot, but often using the fullbacks to push into the midfield to create numbers advantages, and then stringing together seven to ten passes to get the open shot with mostly one and two-touch passing. The first goal by Jenny, with the assist by Marika, touched nearly every Galaxy player. Morgan had the second goal and Becca and Marika each added a goal. Players of the Match were Marika on Saturday and Julia on Sunday.

SYC Galaxy 4 - POT Havoc 1

Recap: Morgan passed to Eleni who fired a long drive for the first goal. Gretchen to Morgan to Marika for the second goal. Havoc scored the next goal off nice hustle by their midfielder. Morgan to Gretchen to Marika led to the third goal and Julia finished the scoring with a pass sequence of Gretchen to Morgan to Marika to Julia. Angie returned to the line-up and just missed two scores by inches; her first shot was deflected into the bar off a nice save by the Havoc goalie, who then narrowly beat Jenny to the rebound. The Havoc goalie came up big with one v one saves against both Jenny and Becca, including a dive and pary of a sure goal by Becca pushed inches beyond the bar after Becca had dribbled through two defenders to get the shot.

SYC Galaxy 5 - GHSC Lightning 2

Recap: Jenny scored the first goal, assisted by Gretchen. Marika then scored her first of three from a perfectly placed through pass by Liz. Becca scored the third goal with a driven ball as her feet were taken out. Julia added two assists. GHSC scored two second half goals. GHSC created several opportunities with long, powerful throw-ins. Players of the Match: Marika Gray and Morgan Benz

SYC Galaxy 1 - PSC Elite 0

Recap: Marika took the first shot, a chip over the on-rushing goalie, twenty seconds into the game. The chip took a bad bounce and missed just wide. Sam scored the only goal. #14 of Elite used her height and flick-ons to force the defense to play deep. The defense played very well, still missing Angie and Amy. Player of the Match: Marika Gray

SYC Galaxy 4 - POT Havoc 1

Recap: Liz created the first score with her speed. She stole the opponent's pass, slid the ball to Sam who combined with Morgan to get through the opponent's midfield. A pass to Becca was knocked to Gretchen who shot on Goal. Marika drove the deflection into the net. Becca created two scores by beating defenders off the dribble and passing to Sam and later to Jenny. Jenny finished the scoring off a heel pass from Sam. The Havoc scored with 90 seconds left on a nicely driven 35 yard direct kick. Player of the Match: Marika Gray

SYC Galaxy 5 - GHSC Lightning 1

Recap: GHSC scored within 3 min on long 45 yard drive. Morgan tied the game with a powerful dribble and shot to far post upper corner. Julia received a long diagonal from the right wing (Gretchen) and scored the go-ahead goal with a powerful drive from the left wing. Sam scored the next two goals on powerful shots from outside the 18, taking passes from Marika and a nice one-touch pass from Becca. Jenny scored the final goal after hustling to support a long dribble by Gretchen. Coles and Eleni both had saves while covering the goal for Brittany. Player of the Match: Gretchen Wendlberger.

SYC Galaxy 3 - CSC Celtic 1

Recap: CSC played a very tough first half. Marika opened the scoring with an unassisted goal after stealing a pass. CSC tied on a corner play. The CSC goalie dove horizontal and caught a 60 mph drive by Becca to keep the score tied at half time. Sam scored the go-ahead goal on a powerful drive from 25 yards out and Marika added her second goal to complete the scoring. Player of the Match: Marika Gray


Virginian - Semifinalists (Overtime)

The scores were 3-0, 3-0, 3-0, 1-2 (Overtime). SYC Galaxy 3 - Cortlandt Vipers 0. Recap: Opponents ran offside trap to perfection in the first half. Galaxy made adjustments in the second half to score three goals. Jamie scored the second goal on a long drive over the keeper as she overlapped to clear through the defensive back line. SYC Galaxy 3 - Shenentaha Mad Dogs 0. Recap: Good ball movement by both teams. Galaxy used quick passing and movement off the ball to create a number of shot opportunities. SYC Galaxy 3 - Cleveland Cobras 0. A quick throw-in by Marika and quick one-touch shot by Jamie broke open a physical, dead-locked game late in the first half. Galaxy scored twice in the second half. SYC Galaxy 1 - Lewisboro Xtreme 2 (Overtime). Disappointing loss to Regionally ranked Lewisboro Xtreme. The Galaxy enjoyed a 1-0 lead for most of the game using quick passing and a nice move/score by Jenny Taylor. Late in the game, Lewisboro stole a pass back toward a central defender and scored on a quick break-away. Galaxy had two chances to win in regulation but shots went wide on both attempts. In the second overtime, both teams had decent shots, but Lewisboro converted on a nice, powerful driven header off a corner kick.

PWSI Icebreaker - Finalists (PKs)

The scores were 3-0, 3-0, 1-0, 2-2 (lost 5-4Pks). Recap: Great tournament with great weather until the final half of the final game. The team was upset by SWYA by PK's in the championship game but played courageously with three starting defenders out with illness or injury and two other key players out of the area because of Spring Break. Game breakdown: SYC Galaxy 3 - Parkville SC Elite 0. Recap: Elite is a Regionally ranked team but seemed to have bad breaks throughout the tournament. Julia scored twice, Becca scored once. Opposing coach had praises for the entire team and declined to pick a player of the match. SYC Galaxy 3 - Rochester Jr. Rhinos, NY 0. Gretchen worked well with Jenny to score twice. Marika scored the final goal which was set up by fine dribbling by both Julia and Marika. Marika took the final pass from Julia and then beat the goalie with a nice hesitation move. Player of the Match: Marika Gray. SYC Galaxy 1 - Interbandits 0. Playing short-handed, the team played tough and smart. Marika scored with a left foot, crisp far-post shot from eighteen yards out. Player of the Match: Morgan Benz. SYC Galaxy 2 - Freedom 2, (Pks 5-4). The story of the final game might have been missed opportunities as Galaxy allowed SWYA Freedom to stay in the game and pull off the upset with a late tying goal. However, the real story was the flexibility of the players who shifted to various positions to accommodate the three missing defenders, as well as a sprained ankle, blisters, and concussion. Nearly every adjustment went smooth except for one first half combination that allowed Freedom to control field position and possession for almost fifteen minutes. SWYA Freedom scored a late tying goal off of a Galaxy defensive miscue. Both teams hit their first 4 Pk's, but Galaxy hit the right bar on their 5th shot. Goals scored by Sam, Jenny, and Sam, Marika, Julia, Morgan. Player of the Match: Sam Stocker.

Winter 2004 - 2005

Indoor League Play 13-0

Galaxy was recognized as Champions in both indoor leagues. Galaxy was 7-0 in the Fairfax Sportsplex High School League and 6-0 in the Dulles Sportsplex Premier League. The competition was decent with three wins against older Div 1 WAGS teams, 10-0, 14-2, and 16-2. The successful season left the Galaxy with a 52-2-1 indoor record since 2001.


Virginia Club Champions League College Showcase.

SYC Galaxy 5 - Roanoke Stars 0. Recap: Despite the score, the Roanoke team played tough in the midfield and showed why they are ranked third in the state. Marika Gray scored twice, Becca scored twice and Sam scored once. Both teams were scheduled for only one game.

Bethesda Thanksgiving Tournament

SYC Galaxy 3 - Buffalo United 1. SYC Galaxy 1 - Penns Forest Nighthawks 1. Recap: Because of the tie, Galaxy did not advance. The Penns Forest team played tough defense and Galaxy had a tough time finishing. Both Gretchen and Sam hit the bar on shots and the goalie saved multiple shots by Marika, Becca, Jenny, and Julia. In a consolation game, SYC tied SWYA Freedom 0-0. Galaxy dominated possession and position but again missed many scoring opportunities.

State Cup 2004

SYC Galaxy 0 - BRYC Courage 0, PK's -- Courage 4 - SYC Galaxy 3. Recap: Galaxy played this game with several injured starters. Galaxy had several opportunities in the first half, but Courage had the better play in the second half and in overtime.

Champions: 2004 PWSI Toys For Tots Labor Day Tournament

SYC Galaxy 2 - STER Legend 1 Recap: Goals by Becca Grady and Michelle Prevost. Superb play by Amy Weber who set a record for creating combination plays and shots on goal. Sterling Goalie was spectacular defending all types of shots - headers, chips, 1v1's, and driven balls. Player of the Match: Julia Repa. SYC Galaxy 5 - VA Rush Nike 3 Recap: Goals by Becca Grady, Heather Mandela (2), Jenny Taylor, and Morgan Benz. Started with quick two goal lead and kept pressing. Although Rush Nike never tied the score, a number of defensive miscues led to goals for Rush Nike that kept them in the hunt. Rush Nike played physical and quick. The Galaxy used one touch passing to offset the Rush defensive speed. Player of the Match: Heather Mandela. SYC Galaxy 1 - BRYC Courage 0 Recap: This was the fourth match-up in less than a year. Each time Galaxy has taken a 1-0 lead, but previously Courage was able to battle back at some point to tie. Courage played more physical and less skilled than in prior encounters, perhaps because of injuries to key players. Goal by Heather Mandela. Player of the Match: Heather Mandela. SYC Galaxy 2 - PWSI Courage 0. Recap: Goals by Heather Mandela and Jenny Taylor. Player of the Match: Morgan Benz.

League Play 4-4-1

Season Recap. Galaxy finished second last season, but expected to win the Division with Morgan returning for the fall and adding Eleni Katsiotis, who was the top player from the U-17 Storm. Galaxy had a streak which included only one WAGS loss in fifteen games and won the first two games to start the season. However, in the first two weeks, the team lost five players who usually start. With five starters out, the team still played well, but lost four games in a row (3 league games and a State Cup game).

SYC Galaxy 5 - LMV Patriots 0

SYC Galaxy 2 - SWYA Freedom 1

Recap: Galaxy dominated possession and shots, but fell behind early on a marking mistake. With the scored tied at 1-1, Heather scored the go-ahead goal on a great play that including a ten-pass passing sequence in which 7 of the ten field players touched the ball at least once. Becca scored next, but the referee erroneously called her off-side. Unfortunately, there were no ARs at the game. With this second win of the Fall season, Galaxy is in sole possession of first place.

SYC Galaxy 0 - VYS Panthers 1

Recap: The Galaxy played the game missing five starters (broken nose, concussion, quad tear, sprained ankle, knee strain), but dominated shots and possession. Defensive miscue led to easy goal.

SYC Galaxy 1 - PWSI 3

Recap: This game followed a double overtime, shootout State Cup game against the Braddock Road Courage. Despite five injured starters, Galaxy looked strong initially and took a 1-0 lead in the first ten minutes using excellent passes and possession play on the beautiful Chinn Park fields. PWSI tied the game in the first half on a long cross from the right sideline and a header into the net. PWSI scored a second goal a few seconds later on a long, high kick from 40 yards out. Galaxy had several chances to tie the game, but couldn't finish. PWSI scored a third goal in the final thirty seconds of play on another long cross and header combination.

SYC Galaxy 1 - BRYC 2

Recap: This was the third meeting of the teams in about a month. Galaxy won the first and BRYC won this third game. Mary Carter of BRYC is the top player and scored twice despite tight defensive coverage throughout the game. Galaxy was still hampered by injuries to four key starting players.

SYC Galaxy 0 - GRFL 0

Recap: Should have won.

SYC Galaxy 4 - VYS 1

SYC Galaxy 1 - Potomac 2

Recap: Galaxy led 1-0, but scored an own goal late in the second half on a poor defensive decision. Potomac scored an immediate second goal on a well-executed attack.

SYC Galaxy 1 - POT Havoc 0

Recap: Most of the team was back healthy. Julia and Jenny returned to the starting line-up. Jenny capped her return by scoring the game's only goal.

Summer 2004

SYC Galaxy played the summer as "Nova Premier." The team merged with U-16 Runner-up Champs STER Pride for summer play.

Champions: 2004 Central Jersey Invitational

Tournament Roster: Because of a summer camp conflict, the tournament team was selected using 10 Galaxy and 6 Pride players. All Galaxy forwards and midfielders scored at least once, scoring 9 of the team's 16 goals. The midfield was dominant throughout the tournament. The skill level of our midfield was unmatched by any opponent. Overall, the team was extremely impressive, playing 5 games in 26 hours in hot weather. Special appreciation goes to the defenders as most defenders played without substitution. Amy was simply incredible. She was never beaten during the entire tournament and she consistently beat opposing players with moves to start offensive counter-attacks. Player of the Tournament: Morgan Benz

Final: Nova Premier [SYC Galaxy/STER Pride] 2 - U-16 Washington Freedom PDA 1

Recap: Impressive Freedom PDA team rosters 9 BETH Eclipse (2nd in nation) players and the best players from PWSI Cardinal (U-16 WAGS champs) and Spirit (former State Cup champs) and a few other top players from our region including Lauren Kaiser, Emily Jukich from Milan and Lauren Johnston from BETH Phoenix. Because of the short rest period between games (and respect for the talent on the Freedom), Galaxy used a 4-5-1 low pressure system with one forward for token pressure. The low pressure successfully removed the Freedom Fullbacks from the offense. The score was 1-1 at half with Michelle D scoring. Although the intent was to change to a 4-3-3, Galaxy continued with the 4-5-1 because the Freedom made no tactical adjustments to their playing style and Adwoa (STER) scored to give Galaxy the lead. Players of the Match: Morgan Benz and Lisa Clark (Sterling).

Game 1: SYC Galaxy(Pride) 1 - LDC United 1

Recap: Galaxy (Premier) tied the first game, 1-1 against a good Penn team, LDC United ?87 (finalist Raleigh A Division). Team dominated 1st half, should have led 4-0, but missed many opportunities and the score was 0-0 at half. For the first four games, the team played a Brazilian 4-3-3 system. The team used no outside midfielders, but 3 center-mids. The forwards rotated every 10 mins to apply heavy pressure and stay rested. The midfield was awesome, with Morgan, Sam, and Allyssa generally playing the two defending midfield positions and Lisa Clark and Michelle Prevost generally playing offensive midfield. Jen and Brittany split time in goal and both played fantastic. The second half was more even, and LDC took a 1-0 lead. Jen Zanders (Sterling) tied the score with a hard-driven shot from outside the box to the corner of the goal. Player of the Match: Amy Weber

Game 2: SYC Galaxy(Pride) 3 - North Hunterdon Fusion 1

Recap: Team missed many 1st half opportunities, then fell behind 1-0 early in the 2nd half. Becca scored tying goal on a nice header. Gretchen scored a 3rd goal in the final minutes. Players of the Match: Gretchen Wendlberger and Michelle DeSino (Sterling)

Game 3: SYC Galaxy(Pride) 2 - Evesham Earthquakes 0

Recap: On Sunday, Galaxy played a cross-over game with a team from a different division, Evesham Earthquakes, who had already clinched a spot in the semi-finals (LDC began the day ahead of the Galaxy in tie differential points and had drawn the easier schedule for Sunday's randomly chosen cross-over games.) Michelle scored first to put Galaxy up 1-0. Becca put the game away on a beautiful shot from just inside the 18. With her back to the goal she was the target of a waist-high pass from Sam. Instead of receiving the ball, she pivoted and shot in one motion as the ball approached and drove a shot into the upper left corner of the net. Comment from the coach, "Becca should be playing on a National team." Galaxy had to wait for the LDC results. The 2-0 win gave Galaxy a shutout point and two points for the two goals scored. LDC had many scoring chances but only won 2-1, which kept them from advancing. Player of the Match: Becca Grady.

Semi-Final: SYC Galaxy(Pride) 3 - Evesham Earthquakes 3; 5-3 PKs

Recap: Evesham scored first off a PK (bad call because Mallory cleared ball on a clean slide tackle before their forward tripped over her). Sam came back with a beautiful 30 yard shot bended into the upper right corner of the goal. Evesham responded with another goal from a set play; a direct kick. The direct kick was one-touch redirected into goal. The score was 2-1 at half. Galaxy scored two goals (Jen Z and Michelle D) to lead 3-2 with five minutes left. Evesham scored on a long flighted cross to tie the score 3-3. Neither team scored in overtime, so game went to PKs. Note: The almost 'play of the game' was Julia's long dribble through three aggressive defenders with one minute in the final overtime to break through to goal. The goalie dove to deflect Julia's nice far post shot. Michelle, Sam, Morgan, and then Allyssa (Sterling) hit four straight PK shots. Brittany blocked the opponent's fourth kick. With a 4-3 lead, Julia put the team into the finals by hitting her shot. Players of the Match: Sam Stocker and Michelle Prevost.


Summer MAPS League

League playoffs were held July 18th. Because of a 1-0 loss on July 17th, Freedom PDA was seeded #1 and Galaxy (Pride) was seeded #2.

Semi Final: North Hunterdon Fusion 2 - Premier 1

Recap: Lost game on an own-goal. Becca had the best goal on a break-away--the goalie came out early and Becca had a beautiful chip over the goalie's head from about 18 yards out to tie the game. Team missed many chances, but lost the game when the left-fullback mis-hit a long cross and knocked ball over our own goalie. The overall play was decent, but far off the prior week because of injuries, limited roster (9 Galaxy players went to Giva camp), and a new system. Luciano (the Pride's trainer) introduced a unique style of 4-4-2, using no outside midfielders and four center midfielders. The center midfielders played in a box, so the scheme looked more like a 4-2-2-2. Both Brittany and Jen had excellent saves in goal. Player of the Match: Lisa Clark

Spring 2004


Final Results: WAGS Div 1, Runner-up Champions. Record: 4-1-4 (16pts)


Spring 2004 WAGS Division 1

SYC Galaxy 1 - PSC Elite 1

Recap: First WAGS game. Elite did not have cards at game time, but referees extended the waiting period to 25 minutes after coaches agreed to play a shortened game (70mins) to avoid a PSC forfeit. The wait was worth it because the players were eager to play after a rained out weekend and Spring Break. PSC is an excellent team with athletes at every position. Elite coach initially said every player looked like player of the match, then selected Julia because of her physical strength and shot accuracy. Julia scored the only Galaxy goal. Julia Repa - Player of the Match.

SYC Galaxy 1 - FRED United 0

Recap: 0-0 halftime as team could not finish. FRED almost scored to start the second half with a quick penetration down the left side; shot caromed off the left post. Galaxy responded with flury of shots with most going just wide or off the post. Jenny scored the winning goal. No Player of the Match selected.

SYC Galaxy 2 - GRFL Strikers 1

Recap: Generally good passing in the first half but shots appeared directed at the goalie. Team picked it up in the second half with quicker transition and better marking on defense and better runs on offense. Michelle and Becca scored goals. Becca Grady and Angie Rey - Players of the Match.

SYC Galaxy 1 - LAUR Wildcats 0

Recap: Galaxy had two shots in the first minute, but were outplayed the next ten minutes. The team woke up and began moving the ball and shooting, but could not finish well, scoring only once in the first half. Had several chances to put the game out of reach--and must be able to against this team because LAUR is loaded with athletes (15 is a powerful forward, 7 a tireless, skilled midfielder, and 11 a quick defender-just to name three that played close to my sideline.). Julia Repa - Player of the Match.

SYC Galaxy 2 - BRYC Courage 2

Recap: Tall grass hampered passing. The scores came off longer passes which were part of short passing sequences. Galaxy relaxed too much each time they took the lead-- allowing Courage to quickly come back and tie each time. In the last five minutes the team framed each side of the goal with a shot wide right, wide left, and high, but couldn't put the game away. Although a tie keeps the Galaxy in sole possession of first place, Courage showed that they will be at or near the top at the end of the season. The Courage is a clean, technically skilled team. They just lack a couple dominant play makers. No Player of the Match.

SYC Galaxy 1 - PWSI Fusion 1

Recap: Tough, physical game against fast team. The team was hampered by injuries in this physical game with injuries at every position: Center-mid (bruised calf), Outside mid (toe), FB (ankle), Forward (bruise on top of foot). As with the Courage, the Galaxy seemed to relax after taking the lead. Fusion kicked deep on the ensuing kickoff and scored on an excellent individual effort on a slide tackle to knock the ball past the defender and goalie. Fusion played a fast-paced game with deep kicks. Galaxy repeatedly missed chances to score with 7 missed break-aways against the goalie. Players attributed tall grass to the number of missed shots. Midway through the second half, one of the Fusion forwards dribbled past two defenders to take on Brittany. She made an excellent save to clear the ball and keep the game deadlocked. No Player of the Match selected.

SYC Galaxy 4 - TSC Thunder Red 1

Recap: First half red card (two yellows) created tough burden for the team as the team played entire second half with ten players. Team held a narrow 1-0 halftime lead via Becca's chip over the goal as she came out of goal. Down to ten players, the team used quick movement and short passes off long pass sequences (grass was mowed) to take a 3-0 lead. Heather, Jenny and Jen each scored in the second half with support from the entire team. Game was marred by seven cards. Galaxy had three cards which equals their total from the past six years combined. Play of the game was Brittany's horizontal dive to save a goal at the thirty minute point. She hopped up and retrieved her own deflection. Brittany Owens - Player of the Match.

SYC Galaxy 0 - TSC Thunder Red 3

Recap: Second match-up of the season. Illness, injury, and discipline caused a roster shortage which led to the team's first WAGS loss since Sept 2003 (Statistic: First loss in 17 WAGS games with Betsy on the roster). The team played without three forwards (Heather, Becca, and Gretchen) and one defender (Coles). An inability to finish easy shots kept TSC in the game during the first half. Coles' absence was really felt in the second half. TSC made the most of their opportunities and put the game away quickly in the second half. Jen created a number of opportunities in the first half at center mid and played perfect as goalkeeper the final twenty minutes. Jen Foltz - Player of the Match.

SYC Galaxy 1 - PWSI Fusion 1

Recap: Second match-up of the season, playing with two substitutes because of injuries. Jenny scored Galaxy goal. Unfortunately, Galaxy failed on several opportunities to go up 2-nil. Fusion was awarded controversial PK with 5:20 left in the game. Ref made a late handball call on a chest trap on a flighted ball received just inside the penalty area. Fusion had a break-away chance to win two minutes later, but the shot was wide. Fusion has the best team speed we have played against ever. The team played an extremely fast pace game which was exciting to play and exciting to watch. Tie gave Galaxy the second place honors for Division 1. Angie - Player of the Match.

Spring 2004 Tournaments

Champions: 2004 PWSI Icebreaker

Final: SYC Galaxy 2 - GHSC Lightning 1

Preliminary Games: Galaxy 1 - South Coast Scorpions MA 0; Galaxy 3 - Va Rush 0; Galaxy 3 - IFC Fire 0*

Recap: Rain and a bumpy east side of the field made possession game challenging. Galaxy (3-0 in prelims) played aggressive and took a lot of shots; MA team (2-1) had an excellent goalie. * Third game was won by forfeit. A day prior to registration, the tournament changed the Sunday game time from 10:45 to 9:30. IFC Fire did not arrive until 10:10 and the site coordinator had already declared a forfeit. An attempt was later made to reschedule the game for 1:30 but only 8 players could be reached. Final: Game against GHSC was played on beautiful Tyrell field. GHSC played deep clearing balls most of the game. Changed focus of offense from possession passing and dribbling to dropping kicks behind the GHSC back line. Player of the (Final) Match: Becca Grady


Champions: 2004 Stafford St. Patrick's Day Tournament.

Final: U-15 SYC Galaxy 3 - U-16 FRED United 2

Preliminary Games: Galaxy 1 - U-15 BRYC Courage 2; Galaxy 1 - U-16 STER Pride 1; Galaxy 2 - U-16 PWSI Twisters Red 0

Recap: Tough competition against U-16 Div 1 teams. Pride was very athletic team. Players of the Match: Becca Grady - Game 1; Julia Repa - Games 2&3; Sam Stocker - Final


Semi-finalists: 2004 Virginian.

Semi-final: SYC Galaxy 0 - BRYC Fury, Virginia 1

Preliminary Games: Galaxy 2 - Maroons, New Jersey 0; Galaxy 3 - York United, Pennsylvania 1; Galaxy 1 - Burlington Canada 0

Recap: Tough competition against very good teams. Fury was state cup champs and were viewed as favorites to make the finals. Nonetheless, the loss was very disappointing as the Galaxy had more shots, better shots, better field position, and more corner kicks. Fury did not have their full roster. Their short, talented forward was not playing because of an injury. An inexcusable injury to Whomp may have cost the game [Although never selected to ODP, Lula Bauer (Yorktown H.S.) and Mark Brotherton (STER Pride) classify Whomp as one of the best players in this age group.] Whomp is an excellent communicator and directs most of the marking. #44 (Lightfoot) of Fury hit Whomp hard and low, after Whomp had cleared the ball. The foul drew a yellow card and left cleat marks on the inside of Whomp's right knee, causing a severe knee strain. Whomp is likely to be out for the entire summer league because of the foul. Fury scored with 6:45 left in the game. After Becca's shot curved inches wide, a Fury midfielder penetrated across midfield with a solo dribble and then drove a long kick/shot which deflected off the goalkeeper for a corner kick. Fury scored with a header off the corner. Players of the Match: Sam Stocker - Game 2; Julia Repa - Game 3; Angela Rey - Semi-final


Presidents Day Freedom Cup

SYC Galaxy 8 - Potomac Havoc 1; BRYC Fury 3 - SYC Galaxy 1; LAUR Wildcats 5 - SYC Galaxy 5

Recap: Excellent competition against MD and VA State Cup champs. Fury moved ball very well and the team has several players with super powerful shots. Player of the Tourn: Jenny Taylor


Fall 2003


Fall 2003 State Cup

SYC 6 - Charlottesville 2

Recap: Excellent passing. Heather Mandela and Morgan Benz - players of the match


BRYC Courage 9 - SYC 8 (Pk's)

Recap: SYC scored early in second half. Courage tied the game at the 85th minute [of the 80 minute match]. SYC had the only chances during the 30 minutes of overtime play. Courage Goalie saved two 1v1's early in overtime. Courage fullback made a beautiful, quick reaction clearing header for a save on Sam's shot to the open goal. As the sun was setting in this three hour ordeal, the Courage proved nearly flawless on their Pk's, missing only one shot. SYC missed two. Jenny Taylor - Player of the match


WAGS Season

Fall 2003

SYC Galaxy 1 - FRED United 2

Recap: Tough game to follow State Cup game. Gretchen Wendlberger - Player of the Match.

SYC Galaxy 3 - TSC 3

Recap: Game evaluated by two experts including former pro, Mark Brotherton. Flaws in defense gave away three break-away goals. Whomp (Jessica Edgington), Amy Weber, Julia Repa - Players of the Match.

SYC Galaxy 0 - GRFL Strikers 2

Recap: Horrible game following morning after our 4 hour evening State Cup game against the Courage. ? - Player of the Match.

SYC Galaxy 5 - STER Legend 0

Recap: Excellent performance by every player. Heather created four one v one's against Goalie (Goalie stopped two). Heather Mandela - Player of the Match.

SYC Galaxy 1 - SAC United 0

Recap: Excellent performance by entire team. Julia Repa - Player of the Match.

SYC Galaxy 2 - LMVSC Patriots 1

Recap: Slow start for second game of the weekend. The Patriots have improved tremendously and pulled within a goal late in the second half. Coles Ide - Player of the Match.

SYC Galaxy 2 - BETH Blaze 0

Recap: Sam scored both goals and was dominant throughout the game. Blaze looked very talented -- perhaps the best team that can't win. Morgan Benz and Michelle Prevost - Players of the Match. Note: Blaze went undefeated in their final four games.

SYC Galaxy 3 - DCST Dynamos 0

Recap: Julia Repa - Player of the Match

SYC Galaxy 3 - GHSC Lightning 1

Recap: Beautiful fall weather and scenery. Long passing sequence to open scoring -- courtesy of Morgan and Michelle. Excellent crosses throughout the second half from Sam and Jenny. GHSC tall forwards were talented on flighted balls. Liz Gartzke - Player of the Match >

Spring 2003 WAGS Results

SYC Galaxy 0 - PWSI Fusion 1

Recap: Short players because of confirmation, but managed to outshoot opponents. Brittany had excellent save late in the first half to keep the game scoreless; PWSI scored with 16 minutes left and moved a forward back to defender.

SYC Galaxy 1 - PSC Elite 1

Recap: Gave up tying goal with 35 seconds left. Missed many opportunities to take 2-0 lead, including open goal shot from ten yards out.

SYC Galaxy 0 - SWYA Freedom 1

Recap: Freedom scored early in the second half on beautiful direct kick 45 yards out into stiff wind. Freedom looked very flat, probably due to tough overtime State Cup win the day before. Galaxy had literally dozens of easy chances, including six one v. ones with the goalie, but the team could not find net.

SYC Galaxy 1 - LAUR Wildcats 2

Recap: This game followed Galaxy state cup game (away) against Roanoke, but there was no sign of fatigue. The team needed this win and came to play. LAUR had few offensive penetrations but scored twice on defensive mental lapses. Galaxy defenders stopped playing ball that passed over the goalline, but did not draw a whistle. LAUR forward put ball into play in front of the goal for an assist. Later, with Galaxy offense pressing for winning goal, Laurel cleared ball into our half. Goalie called off central defender; clearing kick ricocheted off defender to own goal.

SYC Galaxy 0 - TSC Lady Thunder 0

Recap: Neither team had notable opportunities in this close game. This was a replay of a prior weekday night game that was not completed because the referee arrived late. In the first match-up TSC looked very strong in the mid-field, but SYC led 1-0 when the game was called for rain and darkness. Sam scored from twenty-five yards out on the hardest line drive shot I have ever seen in women's soccer. The TSC goalie saved a 1v1 break-away by Gretchen with an excellent dive.

SYC Galaxy 0 - BETH Extreme 1

Recap: BETH showed excellent soccer skills and athleticism but didn't shoot. Galaxy missed many shots, including a shot off the bar from eight yards out and the ensuing ricochet in the first five minutes. BETH scored with one minute left in the half on a dribble in to the goal, when Galaxy defenders collided on a pass back.

SYC Galaxy 2 - STAF Kixx 2

Recap: STAF scored on a corner kick header to end the first half, but Heather and Sam scored two second half goals to take the lead. STAF scored with fifteen seconds left to tie.

SYC Galaxy 3 - BAYS Bays 2

Recap: BAYS scored in first minute on a soft long shot that was misplayed, but Galaxy scored next three goals. Gave up a second goal that was the coach's fault for trying a new defense.

Fall 2002 WAGS Results

SYC Galaxy 1 - SWYA Freedom 1

SYC Galaxy 3 - GRFL Strikers 0

SYC Galaxy 3 - BETH Blaze 0

SYC Galaxy 3 - LMVSC Patriots Blue 2

SYC Galaxy 0 - TSC Lady Thunder 2

SYC Galaxy 0 - DCST Dynamos 0

SYC Galaxy 0 - VYS Panthers 0

SYC Galaxy vs. SAC United P

SYC Galaxy vs. WALD Fire

Scrimmage SYC Galaxy vs. U-15 STER Pride


Spring 2002 WAGS Results

SYC Galaxy 2 - SEVP 0

SYC Galaxy 2 - LOUD Volcano Girls 1

SYC Galaxy 3 - ARL Avalanche 0

SYC Galaxy 1 - STER Legend 0

SYC Galaxy 1 - DCST Stoddart 0

SYC Galaxy 4 - STER Explosion 0

SYC Galaxy 1 - ABGC United 0

SYC Galaxy 1 - Herdon Jaguars 0


WAGS Spring Season Summary 

Record: 9-0-0 GF:16 GA:1


Spring 2002 Tournament Results

Virginia Beach Blast-off: 4-0-0 Champions; 4 shutouts

Prince William Icebreaker: 2-0-1 Did not advance (on points); 3 shutouts

Virginian: 3-1-0 Semi-finalist; 2 shutouts

Spring Tournament Summary: 9-1-1 GF:19 GA:2


Spring 2002 Totals: 18-1-1 GF: 35 GA: 3



Fall 2002 Tournament Results

Richmond Friendly: 3-0-0

FPYC: 1-1*-1; Finalists

 *lost final 4-3 on PK's (no game played because of rain)



Summary of Early Tournaments








UNDEFEATED [9-0-0] WAGS Season Spring 2002

Promoted to WAGS Division 1, Spring Season 2003

CHAMPIONS Spring 2003 Virginia Beach Blast Off [played at U-15 Gold]

Fall 2003: Undefeated FPYC Labor day; 2-0 in SWYA U-17 Friendly

CHAMPIONS 2004 St. Patrick's Day Tournament [Played at U-16]

CHAMPIONS 2004 PWSI Icebreaker

CHAMPIONS 2004 U-16 Central Jersey Invitational


Recap of 2007 VCCL tournament (this is at the bottom since we avoid comments on 'interesting' referee calls): The unlimited guest players for the tournament was actually a very positive experience. Four Galaxy players combined with a bunch of '90 SYC Xplosion players. Galaxy should have scored first. Katie Janssen dribbled nicely to the opponents' goal for an easy score, but the referee made a late offside call, influenced by opposing parents. Later replay of parent's tape showed her onside by five yards. FRED scored on a long 45 yard kick that Brittany caught in her stomach. The referee awarded a goal because the keeper's foot was on the goal line. :) Two more goals scored on corners that should have been goal kicks. Despite the final score, the play was nice, the fields were nice, and the keepers did get a few chances. It was a great experience for the younger players to play with and against talented older players.


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