1 (*) Morgan Benz
3 (*) Betsy Kwiatkowski
4 Brittany Owens 
5 (*) Gretchen Wendlberger
6 Jill King
7 Laquinta Garrett
8 Lauren Kaiser
10 Julia Repa
13 Jamie Puhek
14 Danilla Cariello
16 Kristi Sieber
17 Michaeline Nelson
18 (*) Samantha Stocker
19 Mary Carter Jacocks
20 Jenny Taylor
22 Alex Traughber
23 Evan Feldman
25 Megan Rea
45 Callan Elswick
75 Becca Grady
-- Players Sitting out 2008 State Cup
2 Michelle Prevost
3 (*) Jessica Edgington
7 Marika Gray
8 Heather Mandela
9 Angie Rey
11 Taylor Johnson
12 Coles Ide
14 Amy Weber 
15 Eleni Katsiotis
19 Kelly Scrivener
21 Kelsey Worth
29 Brittney Hazel
31 Shaina Duecaster
33 Liz Gartzke
- vacant

(*) = Team Captains

  • The talented soccer players on the Springfield Galaxy roster:
  • Midfield. The team most often uses a 4-4-2 system and less often the 4-3-3 (triangle in the middle). Six players rotate in the four mid-field positions. 5 of the 6 midfielders have been previously selected to ODP (three for '88 year and 2 for '89). The midfield is extremely fast with one player clocking a 12.4 100 meter in competition and another who consistently runs a 4.6 40yd.
  • Defense. The fullbacks are outstanding; they also play a key part of the offense. Two fullbacks have received ODP recognition. The central defenders are among the best.
  • Forwards. In the 4-4-2, the team rotates 4 super player-makers at forward. Heather and Becca are tall, powerful athletes with excellent moves. Heather is 6' and played varsity as an 8th grader and scored two goals in her high school's 4-2 state championship victory. Becca is almost as tall as Heather and has the hardest shot on the team. She is a scoring threat even if double and triple teamed. Marika is reputed to be the best player in the Eastern Region/nation; she has speed, moves, and great field awareness. Like Heather and Becca, Marika has not tried out for ODP, but scouts have invited her to the state team and regional team. Jenny was the leading scorer for two of the last three seasons. Quick, with unlimited stamina and perhaps the best footskills in the game, she can quickly change the focus of the attack.
  • Goalies. Alex (89 ODP) is an outstanding goalie and has been called the best goalie this age by various trainers and coaches. Brittany (89 ODP) is another fantastic goalkeeper. All District in tough Patriot League her Jr year; Kelly Scrivener won the all-district honor as a freshman and sophomore. In high school play she has recorded more than 30 saves in game.
  • Contact information. To learn more about any player or to contact a player, send an e-mail to the coach at


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