Tung Nguyen


Tung is one of the elite trainers in the U.S. He played soccer at Virginia Tech and has coached professional, collegiate and top club teams. He currently works for Terry Foley for the elite FCV program. Tung honed his training skills working for more than 15 years at various collegiate training camps, including UNC and Va Tech. He worked several stints at the Giva summer camp in the late '90s, which at the time was considered the most rigorous youth camp on the east coast. He has coached a number of ODP teams and elite youth teams and has a USSF B-license.

Tung has been praised for his strength at all aspects of coaching:

  • Player relations - always constructive; garners immediate loyalty and commitment
  • Practice efficiency - more in 1 hr than most can accomplish in 5. Skill with creative practice plans comes in part from his work for the ODP program.
  • Expertise. Coached at the professional, collegiate, and ODP (state and regional) level.
  • Community service. Runs free sessions throughout the year
  • Tung has coached several teams to State Cup victories and WAGS Division 1 Championships. He was the key ingredient to SYC Galaxy's advancing to Regionals. Tung first worked with the Galaxy in the summer of 2003 directing several week-long camps as the team converted from man-to-man defense to a zone defense. Tung became the team's primary trainer since Winter 2003 and changed the training focus to offensive tactics.



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