Joe Wendlberger


"Coach Joe" has been involved with the Galaxy since the first season in WAGS. Joe is a former collegiate all-American athlete who has been coaching for more than twenty years. He graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1983 and coached Special Olympics for five years in Los Angeles. He coached for Edmond Soccer Club (OK) and NASA and Clearlake Soccer clubs (TX). Although he attends licensing courses each year -- most recently the C license course last year -- Joe credits most his coaching skills to working with top coaches in the field. Joe served as assistant coach under Chris Godart for four seasons. Coach Godart is well-known for his 10 years as head coach at Catholic University and 17 years of High School coaching at Oakton, Robert E. Lee, and Westfield. Joe spent half a year with the former National Womenís National team coach, Hank Leung (Hank also won an NCAA title while coaching at George Mason University). Joe played primarily defense in his younger years, but worked with Hank and then later with former pro Mark Brotherton, to study a variety of offensive systems. He believes that just as a player should never be satisfied with their level of achievement, a coach should likewise never be satisfied with his training methods or knowledge of the game. Former pro Mark Brotherton attends sessions each season and provides detailed evaluations of the team and the coaching. During the day, Coach Wendlberger practices law. He has a law degree from UCLA and a masterís of law in Health Law from the Univ of Houston. 



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